The company: 
Erdproducts was born from the collaboration of Matthieu Mercier, designer of talent and Vincent Mellouet, windsurfer recognized and champion of France of freestyle.

The company: 


Erdproducts was born from the collaboration of Matthieu Mercier, desiner and Vincent Mellouet, windsurfer recognized and Freestyle French champion.

Together they offer pointed products for riders in search of performance and of quality.

Specialized in the windsurfing fins , ERD attempts to produce irreproachable hardware to answer waitings of the most demanding riders. We cannot imagine that you waste a session because of your aileron.

Our Team:


Vincent Mellouet: windsurfer for more than 15 years, Vincent has sought hardware enabling him to push back the limits always further from Freestyle and Waveriding.


After several last years on competitions (PWA, EFPT and AFF), Vincent has one  well provided prize list:

- 17th PWA Fuerte 2005,

- 2nd AFF Almanarre,  

- Champion of France Freestyle 2009,



It puts today its competences at the service of ERD with like only objective:

- to produce the best ailerons of the market.



Matthieu Mercier : windsurfer for more than 20 years, Matthieu has been also a creator of powerful products, rewarded several times at the ISPO Awards. Always in search of innovation and of pleasure its motivation remains to offer to the windsurfers the best possible hardware.

It is following its university course that Matthieu began its track record. By creating its first company in November 2001, it specialized in  creation and but too the marketing of technical accessories for Windsurf and  extreme sports. At the time of its many  trips in Asia to develop its products it garnered a determining experiment in the design of products.

He collaborated with very powerful and very demanding factories and knew to set up a true team work.


Its work of creation for its own products and its international experiment enabled him to meet new work appropriatenesses.


Thus Matthieu worked for great industry groups like Gaastra International,  Neil Pryde Limited (Pryde Group)  or Renault  but also for famous brands like GPA and Longchamp.


Matthieu knew during its course to propose its experiment and its adaptabilities and to become a specialist in marketing , product design and branding.